Romance Scam/Army Leave Scammer: Mathew Parrat (Mathew Howard)

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             Romance Scam 

           Army Leave Scammer

               Mathew Parrat

                (Mathew Howard)


Skype ID N1: live:mathewhoward90 (Mathew Parrat)

Skype ID N2: live:mathewparrat (Mathew Parrat)

Mathew Parrat



 47, Male, Atlanta, GA INBOX:


Hello gorgeous how are you??? You’re so beautiful I wish to talk to you can I know more about you???

Awwww you’re welcome (name removed) I wish you were here now

How are you I can’t wait to talk to you

Whats your email I will like to email you then to tell you more about me

Ok I will email you now

Mine is

I’ve sent you an Email try to read it and see how it goes

Message on a mailbox:

Message N 1:

From: Mathew Parrat 
Date: XX April 2017 
Subject: About me x

I just wish i should tell you more about me then we could see how things goes from there… Mathew from Greenville I was born and brought up there  …when i was very young my mum and dad started having problems   their relationship my mum was not faithful to my dad and they both seek for divorce after the divorce mum went away with her new man and we never see her for a very long time, i was brought up by my dad alone growing  up with a single parent was not very easy for me but i had to get used to it when i was 13 years me and dad relocated back to California i attended California States university and after my degree I went to join the united states military as an army of I was working in the engineering department….. i met  a woman  called Emily  in my university days in California we eventually got married and we had a lovely daughter together her name is michelle , michelle was just 8 years when I lost her mum Emily to a brief illness and I lost my dad too who brought me up that same year was the worsiest year in my life to have lost the most important people In my life ,  I was issued a deployment letter  on the 5th of may last year to  west African country to protect the life’s of citizens overhere against terrorist attack I have been in libya since six months ago by i will be out any moment my now because i was assigned to train some troops against terrorist attack overhere and I’m getting my retirement when I leave here8 because this is my last tour on deployment I just want to leave here and get home to meet my partner and be together forever … friend introduced me to this site …I’m here to look for that woman that will make me happy and serve as a mother for my daughter then we will spend the rest of our life  together forever till i met you,



Message N 2:

From: Mathew Parrat 
Date: XX April 2017 
Subject: Re: About me x

Wow thanks for your lovely messages in so happy to read them from you , I also wish to know more about you since we are both looking for the same things as I can see you’re a very good woman I will like to start something great with a person like you but this will only work out if we are been focused with ourselves without any other side attractions  I’m presently in libya and am always here in the saver side i would love to communicate with you more better can you chat through Gmail hangout that would be so nice hope to see your reply again you’re so so much beautiful  thanks for the sexy pictures too


Message N 3:

From: Mathew Parrat 
Date: XX April 2017
Subject: Good morning

Good morning to you over there I hope you have a splendid night I finally downloaded Skype yesterday but I didn’t get your username on there I could have added you up I guess you was asleep when I message you on meet me for your username in Skype I hope to see your reply very soon message me with your username on Skype I did it for you I really can’t wait to talk to you hope to see your response soon


Skype ID N1: live:mathewhoward90 (Mathew Parrat)


Mathew Parrat:

I’m so happy that this works out

It means something good will work out for us

When will you get home so that we could talk very well baby

I cant wait to talk to you more and more baby

I’m not really busy at the camp today

That’s why I have been here

What time will you get home are you going to talk to me ??? I really want to talk to you okay

I will be waiting


I have a question: what is your surname PARRAT or HOWARD?

I see your Skype ID MathewHoward …*:-? thinking*8-> day dreaming

Mathew Parrat:

Yes Howard is my third name

Ma names are mathew parrat

But howard is my father’s name so I like people calling me howard

I like my father so much he brought up before he died I missed him he was a good man

I hope you understand now

Skype ID N 2: live:mathewparrat (Mathew Parrat)

*** Mathew Parrat would like to add you on Skype ***


Mathew Parrat:


I just signed up a new account again baby I forget the password for the other one

Honey please block the first one

Block the first one it seems someone hacked the account

I don’t know why u can’t log on there anymore

(He is ONLINE at the first Skype account either)

Mathew Parrat:

Well just block it okay

We are okay here with this new account okay

I did skype be a use of you remember

Do you understand that ???

Block it off and let’s continue on this okay

Yes I’m in trippoli libya

On a peace keeping mission 

I hope you like my pics too eve  though am not handsome lol

But you look so gorgeous on your pics I really really like it so much I was just looking at it often and often this afternoon

I want you to do something for me now please

I will like this

Please delete your account on that site I mean on meetme

I want us to be focused with ourselves and be happy without any other side attractions or third parties

I want a serious relationship with you because you’re all I want in my life you’re the person I have been waiting for


Oh! How it’s possible to say such words in the first chat?

are you teasing me..? Joking?

are you a serious man? *;) winking

Mathew Parrat:

I’m very serious

Omg I’m not teasing you I want to be serious with you this is why I’m telling you this from my mind

As you can see I’ve been through a lot in my life I want love and a happy family now in my life

I’m too old to know what’s good for me

omg fuck this Internet the network here is not really good (*:D big grin)

All I need in my life is love honestly I like you so much

The first day I came across you I was so so much happy to message you this is why I make sure I downloaded this skype for us to chat more better I will always be here to talk to you because every time I talked to you am always happy

It’s nice to meet you here though and it’s been nice talking to you

Sweet dreams to you

Mathew Parrat




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